10 Tips for Relocating to Charlotte

10 Tips for Relocating to Charlotte

Relocating to a new city can be daunting, overwhelming & even a tad bit scary of a task. Ideally, taking several trips to your new city to get acquainted and determine exactly where you want to live is ideal, however, in many instances that rarely happens and can even be impossible. To provide you with a greater peace of mine, here’s a guide to assist you through the relocation process, while saving you time and money. we wanted to compile a list of helpful steps to make the move to Charlotte easier.

Step 1 - Research the Greater Charlotte Area Neighborhoods

Charlotte is made up of many different neighborhoods each with distinct and unique personalities. Finding the one that best suits your needs and wants will help further your home search down the line. It’s important to research school ratings and safety of each neighborhood. If you’re relocating due to a new job, determining how long/short you want to your commute to be will be another crucial factor into which area you choose to settle in.

Step 2 - Pick a Reputable Company to Assist -- Skyecroft Realty Group

The Skyecroft Realty Group takes pride in their extensive knowledge of the many Greater Charlotte Area neighborhoods no matter how old or new it may be. We are very familiar and flexible when working with both buyers who Immediately moving to our area or those who may be several months out from relocating. No matter the timeline, our commitment to assist you in narrowing down search criteria is relative and timely so we aren’t wasting any time or money looking at places that ultimately won’t serve you well. Once we’ve drilled down on the search criteria (price, # of bedrooms, # of baths, sq. feet, etc.), we personalize a list of communities and neighborhoods tailored to fit those specific needs.

Step 3 - Get Pre-Approved by a Charlotte Mortgage Broker

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This is the MOST crucial step and the one many people miss. In today’s market, homes are being sold super fast and NOT being pre-approved beforehand will most likely knock you out of the running on that house you really wanted. Buyers are always encouraged to speak to one of our preferred lenders to help you in determining the best loan options for you and lead to the best outcome in buying a home during your move. PLUS - they provide deeper insight and understanding of the Charlotte area’s property taxes and HOA fees that might impact what you can afford.

Step 4 – Jot Down Your Home Needs/Wants List

Once you know exactly how much you can afford, it’s time to really prioritize what you truly need when buying a home. Are schools your number one priority? Is commute time a BIG factor? Does your budget align with the homes you’re looking at? Is having shops, the airport or restaurants close by a MUST? Are you considering both your short & long-term needs into consideration? These are just a brief sample of the questions you might want to ask yourself in determining what is absolutely non-negotiable during your house hunt.

Step 5 - Narrow Down Favorite Charlotte Neighborhoods

At this point, it is time to start making a small list of areas you want to focus on. This is a pivotal step that must be finished before you even consider making a trip to Charlotte so again, you aren’t any wasting time or money on areas that just won’t work for you. We suggest making a list of the top 5 to 10 neighborhoods listed from your favorite to least favorite. Our recommendation is when you eventually visit, you tour the neighborhoods you like the most first and then if you can’t find something you like there, keep going down your list until you do.

Step 6 - Have Your Agent Set You Up With our Preferred Lender Portal

Once you’ve come up with your top neighborhood list, ask your agent to set you up on one of our preferred lenders’ client portals so you can preview all the current homes for sale in specific areas. With super navigating ease, you’ll stay informed of market changes, interest rate info and even tax rates in your preferred location! Clients love this feature as they can take their time to browse each house at any moment of the day.

Step 7 - Plan a Neighborhood Preview Trip to Charlotte

By now, you’ve most likely created a list of your top neighborhoods & browsed a variety of houses. Now it’s time to preview them out in person. The primary goal of your first trip is narrowing down your list of areas even further. Exploring each neighborhood and touring homes within your budget will give you better insight as to whether or not you want to continue looking in this neighborhood or if you want to move on to another area. It’s important to look at the big picture during this step, as you may like a house but hate the neighborhood or vice versa. Both will make a difference in your relocation and how happy you will be long term. This is key for a great relocation experience and long-term happiness, so don’t skip this step.

**Here are the top 10 most “livable” neighborhoods throughout Charlotte (according to AreaVibes.com)

Step 8 - Allot Time for Exploring Charlotte

Searching for your potentially new home can be quite the undertaking. BUT MAKE IT FUN TOO! I highly encourage clients to not only explore their potential new neighborhood, but set aside some time to visit the Queen City and all She has to offer. Visit the Epicenter, “Tee it Up” at our newest addition, Top Golf, eat from one of our many food trucks, explore the art scene, check out one of our sports teams or unwind at the Lake or at one of the many nearby Vineyards. Doing something fun during your trip will help ease the stress of the move and help you realize that #Charlottesgotalot to offer.

Step 9 - Adjust your Neighborhood List

It’s time to Narrow down that home search & land your Dream Home! You’ve dug deep with your search criteria, explored the convenience and amenities, worked with your lender on budget needs and it’s time to pick THE ONE! Try to keep your list below 3 neighborhoods at most, and communicate with your Realtor on which ones you have chosen so they can alter your portal to those specific areas. And…just like that…you can more confidently consider putting an offer in on your top home choice.

Step 10 – Decide on “Your” House and Make The Move

I know this is not as easy as it sounds as we have all had experiences moving at one point or another. That’s why I feel confident that we can help make your relocation process as easy as possible with our amazing team of Charlotte agents who have lived here the majority of their life thus giving you the opportunity to pick their brain on the best restaurants, shops and more. If you are considering a move to Charlotte, email us at angel@skyecroftrealty.com or call us any time at (704) 412-3222. It doesn’t matter how early in the process you are, we are ready to serve you and roll out the Red Carpet as you come to love our beloved Queen City just as much as we do!

Welcome Y’all …

Your New Charlotte Home Awaits!!!

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